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diamond saw blade

1. Product Display:

2.Technical Data:

super quality TCT diamond cutting blade for wood
Outer Diameter 4”-16”
Outer Diameter 110-400mm
Inner Diameter 7/8”, 1”, 1-1/5”
Inner Diameter (22mm,25.4mm,30mm)
Thickness 1-2.5mm
Abrasive Grain Diamond  
Shape Round
Color Original color, Paint, etc  
Segment Number 12-120
Usage For cutting wood, etc
3.Main features:
For cutting hard wood, soft wood, chipboard, MDF, etc.

STEEL BODY:We use high quality steel plate to ensure good performance and to reduce the huge amount of friction.Laser cut steel plate to remain flat and accurate for years of continuous use.

TIPS: Micro grain tungsten carbide tips are used to achieve the correct cutting quality and long life characteristic

BRAZING: Auto tip seat grinding and Auto brazing machines are set up to get right temperature are teeth placement.The good silver welding material requires brazing at lower temperature to avoid dangerous results when being used.

SHARPENING: We carefully research the individual bevel tooth design and tooth combination for each blade according to their use.Auto sharpening phase each angle and make precise to ensure smooth cutting face and effort-saving
4. Saw Caution:
1.Please put alloy saw vertically hang the drying rack, be sure to avoid the damp places, do not place alloy saw on the ground or on a shelf,keeping flat will lead alloy blade deformation.

2. Use time, do not exceed the maximum speed. Speed method of calculation is attached for information.

3. Use time, must take protective mask, gloves, helmets,working protection shoes, protective glasses.

4.During the installation Alloy saw, must firstly confirm the function,use of saw table,first read the statement of saw table.Avoid mistakes Install so as to caused the accident.

5.During the installation Alloy saw,must first check whether there is a split distortions, and fill-ping, swaps and other phenomena teeth on alloy saw, and then install it.

6. Super-hard and sharp of saw tooth alloy saw,prohibit the collision, falling ground, with taking carefully.

7.After install alloy saw blade, the saw core hole must be confirmed whether firmly fixed in the flange of saw table saw, a gasket must be good washer,and then gently hand to push saw blade,confirmed the rotation Whether the eccentric shaking.

8.The cutting direction of Alloy saw arrow must be aimed at rotation direction of saw table.Strictly no installation the opposite direction, the mistake direction will lead out tooth.

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